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Ed Kaminski has successfully completed 250+ retained executive search assignments for leaders in sales, marketing, product, finance, and GMs for data/analytics/software/services technology ventures in North America and Europe and is widely recognized as an industry‑leading exec search specialist. Ed has reference-ready skills/experience in multiple industry verticals within the technology industry sectors he specializes in, including many of the most dynamic segments.

Over the last twenty-plus years, his practice has continually evolved to address his client’s strategic needs, diversifying its vertical applications, and responding to technologies that transform businesses and the optimal skill sets required to lead their functionalities.

As a result of this extensive focused experience in his executive search specializations, he is highly capable of consistently delivering significant value to all phases of the talent acquisition process.

Executive Search Process


Before contractually engaging his services, Ed thoroughly assesses the viability of the assignment with his clients to try to best determine where the desired skill set/experience can be found.


Once engaged, Ed will actively collaborate on constructing a targeted and attractive position/opportunity description.


Ed personally executes all approaches and introductory conversations with prospective candidates and sources and sends initial messaging customized around what he believes may be most attractive to the prospective candidate and/or source, based on their profile. This is possibly the MOST important part of the search process where Ed is known to add significantly more value to the process than the great majority of his competitors, who most often delegate this time-consuming prospecting to less qualified research associates. Many of the best candidates have multiple opportunities and require expert motivation to explore a new opportunity, and many potential sources of other talented execs are much more likely to refer good candidates to an exec search professional they either know already, know people in common with, or just sound knowledgeable and professional during the initial conversation.


Ed closely collaborates with his client during the often lengthy but essential interview/evaluation phase of the search and often has close contacts who may know a candidate well, which can be very helpful in evaluating them when possible. He also often has valuable input when his client is strategically organizing the “who and when” of the interviewers. Ed believes in frequent contact with the candidate and client representatives throughout this phase of the process.


Ed is most capable of leading or assisting in checking references and is especially skilled at discovering what prospective candidates actually contributed to their previous employer’s goals and accomplishments.


Ed is highly reputed for his skills and experience in offer strategy and compensation negotiation/intermediation. This is another critical phase of the process that can be very challenging and especially complex if the desired candidate has multiple offers.

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